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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2012 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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thinking and progressive thinking about gender, and it is to that goal that i would like to contribute. during prior week, when only had to walk one block to meet a cheerleader who was not a cop, and the former fastball pitcher who was twirling a parasol -- one only had to walk one block to meet a cheerleader who was now a cop. i could easily be talking about men in the city, and that should be to san francisco's credit. today, when you approve this long, sought after inclusion of transgendered people, you approved a new program, and i believe there may be some unforeseen consequences of that action, and i would like to call your attention to them. it regards the likelihood that there will be more people
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seeking transgendered operations because we know that they are expensive, and this has been a great burden. but when the numbers increase, what will happen to the housing that has been provided in the city? it has to do with the mixing of women and transgendered people during the early stages of their transition, and i would like to talk to you about that again another time when there is ample room. thank you. supervisor chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> hello, supervisors. i am really happy to be here. i have been working with supervisor avalos on this resolution to have this week declared aka week in san
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francisco. the sunday, i went to the moscow center, and i learned a lot about this organization. this organization of women -- they teach girls how to be ladies and how to be successful in life. they have the mosconi center for the whole week, which is historic because no other black organization has had the mosconi center for a whole week. they have been doing workshops in the different communities, inspiring young people to be the best they can and spending money all over the place. the mayor spoke and said that they had spent over $13 million already. i want to show us that san francisco loves them because they have blessed us with their presence and with their funds, so i would like for my
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supervisor to speak on behalf of them if you would. ok, and, folks, being a aka, if i know about it when i was raising my daughter, i would have made sure that she went to college to become a aka. all of the ladies remind you of supervisor cohen with her finesse and with her ladyness. it is really a wonderful organization, and i hope that everyone would push and agree with me and my supervisor. supervisor chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> my name is nancy cross, and i
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am going to speak on a matter that i believe was a originally intended for this week's agenda but due to circumstances in the clerk's office, it will be on next week's agenda. the reason i'm talking now instead of them is because -- i think it is not quite right for at least this item that it not be subject next week to public input. the basis for that is that public comment says four items which have not been considered by a board committee and excluding items which have been considered by a board committee, and i understand that the item of my concern, which involves a very large sum of money -- namely,
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$35,000,000.699175 -- $35,699,175. i do go to the public health committee and then to the board, but said committees are not publicly -- the public is not informed. the fact that there is a book in the library on a certain floor that it open to a certain page, you can see it is the item of the said committee, but it does not give you the substance is not sufficient to induce public to come, and the public did not come, so i am asking you to alert to this. i would like to see you say the public can speak on this. it is a huge amount of money.
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[bell rings] supervisor chiu: thank you very much. thank you very much. >> [inaudible] supervisor chiu: thank you very much, ma'am. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am executive director of library users association. there is a train of plan destruction of a mural coming down the track, and library users along with many others ask you and the mayor to stop it. this mural is the bernal heights
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branch library mural. i am going to be using some projecting, please. this mural has been up since 1980 to 1982 when a community process put it up, headed by arch williams, who was also a member of the haight-ashbury muralists. words are in spanish and english from songs on two sides. on the right side of the front are featured three pyramids -- a mexican pyramid, an egyptian pyramid, and the transamerica pyramid, with images of the united nations, children on the globe, and so on.
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the site features working women and hands clasped in friendship as well as a hot rod that the kids particularly wanted included. on the back wall is a history of the neighborhood, starting with native americans. all of this is scheduled for destruction october 1, and replacement by a very sanitized, bland product, which i am showing here. just whorl's and swirls on the left. nothing on the right front, and on the side, bits and pieces reminiscent. they should not happen, and we ask you to help sort it out along with the mayor. thank you. >> supervisors, i am glad that most of you are in your chairs. that is some way of respecting
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the public. having said back -- that, we had a very interesting meeting yesterday at the ethics commission. i could not be there, but i watched it. i think it is time for one of you to have a charter amendment that deals with official misconduct. you can get it for people at home. the charter amendment is available online. section 15, 1 05, more less, did you all the details about official misconduct that some of you all have noticed. i call it notice of violation, being more environmentalist.
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anyway, some advocates, and some of them are here -- they spoke, and the ethics commission, as usual, agreed if 50 or 60 cases are sent to them, and they just notice one case, and they throw the other cases in the waste paper boxes. is this ok for san francisco? i ask you all to make the charter amendment so that of millet -- we can really zero in on those so-called representatives who are naughty. notice of violations who do not represent good san franciscans. they pretend to represent good san franciscans. i hope you do that. thank you very much. supervisor chiu: thank you.
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next speaker. >> it has been a very rocky road. i would like to have three minutes if i may, president chiu. as you know, i ran for mayor. as you know, i told you of some of the difficulties. with the hoopla that has gone on with one bruise on ross mirkarimi's wife, i would like to know what you can do for me with 100 bruises, many attempts on my life, etc. i have some ideas.
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perhaps it is interesting and time for you to know. st. francis has endorsed me. as odd as it is and as strange as it might be, there are still miracles that have been on this planet. when you can transform hatred and to love, that is what we need to do. i believe we all have a job in this lifetime to love ourselves and to learn how. in doing so, i ask for your support in helping me be able to make police reports about these incidents so that the fbi can be involved or whatever it takes to make the necessary changes. our people need to be free if they are innocent. they should not be victimized. i have been victimized and victimized, and i no longer am
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going to be victimized. this is my call to arms for the children of light, the truth seekers, the ones who want to know instead of hide. hiding in trivia -- [bell rings] supervisor chiu: thank you very much. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak in general public comment? thank you very much. >> thank god that the aka women are here. today, you had the transgendered law. the golden gate bridge. mrs. coretta scott king, i am so happy with margin when i found out aka is in town.
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i wore this think we care, and they are pink and green. i told them it is about the green earth. -- i wore this pink wig here. we should also tell the president medical marijuana does not kill. bullets killed. that is the message. medical marijuana does not kill. bullets killed. what i want you to know -- this is also aids week, and i want to show you the first faces of aids. this is the quilt in washington, d.c.
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this is rock hudson, first light. this is arthur ashe, first black. that is max morgan. what i am here to say is that it is time that african-american men and lgbt people staying in the tenderloin have better housing dealing with hiv and stigma. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public is close. can we go to our four-o'clocks special order items 27 through 34? >> items 27 through 30 comprise the official order 4:00 p.m. for
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a public hearing of persons interested in the planning department dated april 9, 2012, at a project located at 601 delores street is exempt from environmental review. item 28 is a motion affirming the planning department's exemption determination. item 29 is a motion reversing the determination, and item 30 is a motion directing the clerk to reverse the exemption determination. items 31 through 34 compose the special order at 4:00 p.m. item 32 is a motion approving the planning commission's decision to approve the conditional use authorization. item 33 is a motion disapproving the commission's decision, and item 34 is a motion directing the quick to prepare findings. supervisor chiu: supervisor wiener is the district
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supervisor of this project. supervisor wiener: thank you. i am happy to report that the parties are pleased to come to a resolution on this matter. i want to thank both sides for working very hard to come to a resolution among neighbors. the clerk has distributed the agreement signed by the attorneys for children's day school, the project sponsor, and let the attorney for the appellants. a modification of the conditional use by modifying conditions eight and nine and adding a 10th condition, and so
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i've now is the appropriate time, i would make the motion, and then i assume there has to be public comment. supervisor chiu: supervisor wiener has made a motion as described. supervisor wiener: maybe i should make it in a more technical manner. i will restate it as tabling items 27, 29, and 30, and moving item 28. that is the first motion. supervisor chiu: supervisor wiener has made the motion as he has described it. do you want to describe everything in one package motion? supervisor wiener: the motion will be to affirm the categorical exemption by moving item 28, and the motion will also include an affirmance of an
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amending conditional use, and that would entail tabling item 31, tabling item 32, and amending item 33 to a disapproval of the planning commission's decision but approval of a conditional use subject to additional and modified conditions as reflected in the settlement agreement, and then moving item 34 as amended, and -- yes, that would be the motion. supervisor chiu: thank you. i do think it is appropriate to take them separately. i wanted both to be described in case there is public comment on each. why don't we assume that there are two separate motions, the first motion being seconded by supervisor kim and the second motion being seconded by supervisor campos.
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let me ask if there is any public comment on this matter, and the proposed motions, or anything having to do with 601 delores street. seeing none, public comment is closed. could we have a roll-call vote? >> cohen aye. elsbernd aye. mar aye. olague aye. avalos aye. campos aye. chiu aye. chu aye. there are 10 ayes. supervisor chiu: that motion is approved. with regards to the motion regarding the conditional use authorization, can we do the same house, same call why don't we go to our adoption
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calendar. >> items 49 through 53 are considered for immediate and unanimous adoption. single roll call vote will approve these items. if they member requests, it can be severed. item 49. roll-call vote on 5353. -- 50 through 53. supervisor wiener: could i also separate 50? >> supervisor cohen, aye, kim, aye. mar, aye. olague, aye. avalos, aye. campos, aye.
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chiu, aye. chu, aye. there are 10 ayes. president chiu: item 49. >>ofsupervisor campos: in thinking about the need to affirm our commitment to keeping st. luke's hospital open and making sure it remains a viable hospital, it involves a number of things. there is a lot of work that needs to be done with respect to the project before us and we look forward to hearing developments on that and hopefully progress has been made. to the extent there is still some uncertainty around that development, i think it is important for us to make sure all options are explored. having a commitment to
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maintaining st. luke's opened involves considering other options that go beyond the proposal before us. it is important to make sure that we are considering all options with respect to st. luke's and it is important to make sure all stakeholders including members of the city family are part of the discussion but we're involving community members in that discussion. to be able to ensure there is a long-term viable hospital that we need to make sure we do that work now. thank you. i want to thank my colleagues for their co sponsorship. president chiu: do we need a roll-call vote on this item? without objection, same house, same call. item 50. >> calling on the department of public health to provide
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medically necessary transition related care for transgendered people and remove exclusions under the health care security ordinance. supervisor wiener: thank you. i will not repeat the comments i made before and during combinations. this resolution -- i will not say it is the first step because the first step was the committee process that got us to this port -- to this point. it is important to go on record encouraging and making sure this stays on track and expressing our support of what the page is doing. this did come up during public comment relating to costs, suppose that cost concerns. what it comes to access to health care, while we all believe in cost control and making sure we're delivering health care in a cost-effective manner, i do not think that cost is a reason or legitimate rationale to exclude people from
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access to health care. we can tell all sorts of people that we do not want to treat you for this or that or we will exclude this group for that group because it is too expensive and that could reduce costs but it would be incredibly unfair and would undermine our commitment to universal health care in the city and country. i want to note to that the same arguments were made when san francisco adopted senator leno's ordinance. the costs have been dramatically lower than the cost estimates provided at the time. i think the argument is a red herring and fundamentally, this is about equal treatment and access to health care and i ask for your support. president chiu: can we do this without a roll-call? same house, same call? without objection. this resolution is adopted. i understand that -- there are a
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couple of imperative items. item 54. >> we have to imperative items. the first as offered by supervisor mar, commanding -- commending toy boat and declaring toy boat dessert cafe day. and a resolution declaring july 24-27 alpha kappa alpha week. president chiu: is there is second to the motion? seconded by supervisor avalos. is there any comment on this imperative item which has the requisite commendatory fighting as well as the brown act
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finding. can we take this same house, same call? without objection -- there is public comment on the toy boat resolution? >> imperative agenda and it seems to me there is an awful lot of imperative stuff that needs to be addressed versus this particular item. the occ has covered up my abuse. there are no doctors and people -- doctors need to know it is their obligation. president chiu: if you could keep your comments focused on the resolution commending the toy boat cafe. >> we need more imperative agenda on the imperative agenda. president chiu: are there any members that wish to speak? and, with this -- comment with
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this resolution? seeing none, public comment is closed. without objection, this is adopted. and do have anything you'd like to add? >supervisor avalos: i will read a short resolution. declaring july 20-july 27 at the cal baht -- alpha kappa alpha week. it was established over 100 years ago by a group of students dedicated to the call the they don't -- cultivation of individuals seeking to improve the lives of communities across this country and whereas this story has to matter 60,000 members worldwide who in furtherance of their vision of service to all humankind have contributed over 1.3 million hours of service to communities in need and have played an important role in developing and
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guiding young woman through higher education and continuing to engage this woman as they progress through their lives and contribute to their communities and whereas at the cabot -- alpha kappa alpha sorority has an international conference held this week and has recognized this city as the golden gateway to external service using san francisco as a backdrop as they challenge their members to rise to new levels of leadership and service, be it resolved that the san francisco board of supervisors recognize aflac called the alpha -- alpha kappa alpha and commence their selection of san francisco as the setting to grow and grow these values and therefore be it further resolved that the san francisco board of supervisors declared july 24